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Hear the stories of other teens’ struggles with drug abuse…

Drug abuse in teens is an epidemic in our country. Read about the stories of these teens written by their parents. The stories of their drug abuse sheds light on the incredible hold that addiction can have on a person and how it affects not only them, but their loved ones as well.

Ian's Story


On September 10, 1996, I awoke to every mother's nightmare. I found my 20-year-old son Ian dead in his bed of an accidental heroin and valium overdose.

Ian James Eaccarino was a promising college student with everything to live for. He was bright, athletic, popular, and handsome. He was dearly loved by his family and by his many friends. Drugs destroyed his life.

Click here to read more of Ian's story and struggle with drug abuse by Ginger Katz, mother of Ian and Founder of The Courage to Speak® Foundation, Inc.

Jovon's Story

"My drug use started with Ecstasy at the age of 18. I had it all, a good job, nice car, I was in college, had a close relationship with my family, an incredible girlfriend and an incredible daughter. I could not ask for anything more. At the age of 22, everything started slipping. I lost everything and mostly everyone. I let drugs be my priority for a long time. I lost focus of what was important. I turned into a person I never wanted to associate or to be with. I lost everything" J.M.B

Click here to read the story of Jovon's life and how drug abuse cost him everything and a poem written by his mother.

Jon's Story

I'm Jon. I'm an addict. I'm stubborn and have become a slave to my disease. During my stay at MASAC, I've learned I'm sick and can't do it my way. I need to ask for help and seek long term treatment...

Read more on Jon's Story of life and the challenge of recovering from drug addiction written by his sister Vanessa C. McGunnigle

Brian's Story

Next month will be 3 years since the death of my son Brian who was only 19 years old. I still feel this strongly about how it feels to lose a child. For me, it doesn’t get any easier. I just learn to live with the pain. Brian was a high honor student who in his senior year started smoking pot. We didn't know because he never showed any signs of using drugs. One year later while attending college to become a Meteorologist, he was abusing Xanax and pain meds. That's when we really began to see a change in him. He became withdrawn and was sleeping a lot. Brian went to detox and we celebrated him being clean for 6 months. I really believed he was clean, but little did we know that Brian had moved on to Heroin. On Sept. 5, 2009 my son was found slumped over in his dad's van one block from our home. He had died of an accidental Heroin overdose.  Read more on Brian's Story on what it is like to lose a child written by his mother 

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