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This section is dedicated to friends and loved ones who have left notes at the cemetary of Ian’s grave. They reflect upon the great times in his life prior to losing his battle with drug abuse. Read quotes from friends of Ian left at his funeral in 1996.

"So many memories. So little time. I'll keep 'em alive in my heart and in my life."  Justin

"It's been awhile. I thought if I ignored everything, it would go away, but the pain is still unbearable. Not dealing with it has made it worse. Your name comes up so many times in conversations. I miss your laugh, your smile and mostly our talks hand in hand. Life seems to be moving by so fast. I miss my best friend. Loving you always ..."   Amy

"Your mother talked to us yesterday at Norwalk High School. Everyone who heard her speak was extremely motivated. Your mom is an amazing woman. You would be very proud of her. I miss you and I love you ..."  Bye-Bye

"WADDUP? Happy Easter! Me and Dawn came by to smoke a cigarette with you. What do you think of the bus? You know you like ridin' in it. I would tell you a secret, but we know that all of Norwalk comes to visit you and that shit will be around in no time. We miss you very much, but we know that you are with us on all our playdays. You are our special friend just like always. We love you, Ian! Always ..."  Val & Dawn

"What up? Miss you soooo much!! Wish you were still here! Love you ..."   Kate

"What up, DOG! Chillen. Just come to chill. I'll be back. C-you soon ..."  Pace

"I graduated with honors just like I promised you. I stayed straight. I kept movin' on like you wanted. Our dreams are becoming more apparent. I just wished you could have shared the happiness of my success with me. Something will always be missing from those moments. I still think and talk about you often. I still miss you dearly."  Justin

"I just wanted to say, 'Rest in peace.' "  Heather

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